Cleaning Up My Mess!


Someone once explained embarrassment like this: It’s like spilling milk. When you spill milk God throws you a rag and says, “Here! Clean up your mess!” The rag is truth, faith, discipline, obedience to do what you know you must, what is in your best interest. Sometimes we have enough courage to face the messes we create in our lives and clean them up. At times, we leave one mess and go create another one. When we do that, God doesn’t get angry. He says, “Here’s the rag; tell the truth, admit your faults, and make amends; clean it up.” However, if we spill the milk again and again and again, God will continue to throw us the rag and wait for us to clean it up.” Often we expect God to clean up the mess for us. We beg, plead and cry. God simply waits, because God knows, when we get tired of cleaning up the mess, we will stop spilling the milk.


  1. You use some great stories to illustrate the point. Love it! x

    • Thank you! I appreciate your comments.

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