Savoring the Little Moments


Have you noticed how we allow our moments to just slip away?  You know, those moments that we consider little moments, and feel no anguish when they go away. Ever wonder how much time we lose when we waste those little moments today, by thinking we will pay more attention to them tomorrow?

We can learn to find joy and gratification in ordinary events without rushing through them with the thought of completing some task.  We can try to appreciate them by tuning into their simplistic beauty.  Things like taking in the joy and fun our little ones are having as we give them a bubble bath. Just watching the pleasure on their innocent little faces either melts your heart or makes you decide to enjoy a bubble bath yourself.  What about when you are preparing a meal? Do you take the time to notice the beauty in all the various colors, ingredients, and creativity that are going into that meal?  And what about those silly moments you have hanging out with your girlfriends, just laughing it up and acting like silly school girls? Fun!

Growing up we had a porch, which I loved! As kids on those hot summer nights a bunch of us would sit out on the porch and play “that’s my car game.” It’s a made up game that some of you may or may not have heard of. It’s played by whenever you hear a car approaching before you can see the car someone would yell “that’s my car” and whatever car drove by nice or junky the person that yelled it out, well…it was their car.  Silly, maybe but, we had so much fun and laughs doing it. Those are the type of moments you never forget.

Let’s try to get more out of our moments by being more keenly aware of them. Let’s slow down and appreciate those little moments by asking ourselves how to make the moment more pleasant or special and how we can savor those little moments.




  1. I agree with you. we need to slow down and appreciate those little moments. thanks for the reminder

    • You are welcome! We all get so busy with life, that we forget to cherish those small moments in it. 🙂

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