Think for Yourself


We’ve all heard the saying “If you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything.”  I am one that asks questions. Some people may think some of my questions to be dumb, which I don’t believe in there ever being a dumb question; it’s just a question those that think it to be dumb may not have thought to ask. Some also think I ask too many questions. Yet, if I don’t question some things told to me, I may just fall for anything.

Let’s take a Miss America Pageant contestant that just walks up and down the stage in her gown and swimsuit smiling to the judges she’s only focused on the pageant portion of the event and never thinks to think, and when the time comes that she is called upon to use her brain, may find the whole process of having to put thought into something to be exhausting she could fall short of her full potential just by not thinking.

We must never fail to stretch our minds. Without questioning, we do not progress. Without being able to debate, we do not grow.  So, the next time you are reading or watching television whether it’s the news or a documentary why not jot down those questions and inconsistency you have about what you are reading or watching.  Stretch your mind by questioning what you are seeing and hearing so that you can truly think for yourself.






  1. good point there…

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