Travel Hacks Parts 1 & 2


TSA Pre-Check

TSA Pre-Check has been amazing for my family! Shorter security lines, don’t have to remove your coat or shoes or belts, don’t have to remove your computer or liquids under 3 oz. It was like the old work of travel – simple and easy.

Disposable Coffee Cup for the Airplane

This is one of my favorite travel hacks. My friend Lainie told me about it while we recently on a trip. So you are traveling with your kids and the beverage cart comes around and your son asks for an apple juice. They pour it in those little plastic glasses and you try to make room on the seat back tray – you move the iPad out of the way, the snacks, the crayons and coloring book. BUT, it never fails, someone bumps the seat or you hit some turbulence and the full cup spills and splashes. Lainie suggested to pack a few of those paper coffee cups with lids and ask the flight attendant to pour the drinks in those cups instead – genius!


Airplanes are a breading ground for germs. You get someone on the plane who is sick – coughing and hacking and sneezing and the germs spread throughout the plane. I used to travel for business and every time I would come home with a cold or flu or something awful. So I started taking Emergen-C a few days before I left for a trip, while I was on the trip and for a few days after I get home. Since I started doing this, the travel flu has been few and far between.

Travel Antibacterial Wipes

So I am a total germaphobe. As soon as we get on the plane, I have my kids wipe down the tray tables, armrests, etc with antibacterial wipes. I also wipe down some key things in the hotel room when we get there – doorknobs, light switches, locks, toilet seat and handle, faucets and the remote control. (side note, I beg you, do not use the seat back pocket on the airplane – it is a cesspool of grossness – people put their used kleenex, barf bags, dirty napkins and cups – don’t…. just don’t!)

Plastic Zip Lock Bags

You will be surprised how much you will use these. When we are on a cruise or at a breakfast buffet, I will grab some extra cereal boxes, granola, dried fruit for snacks later in the day. We also put the hotel TV remote in a bag (goes back to my germ problem). They are great for wet bathing suits when you have to leave and your suits are still wet. The uses are endless.

Dryer Sheet in Suitcase

Keep your suitcase and its belonging smelling fresh by placing a dryer sheet in your suitcase.

Pack in X-Large Ziplock Bags

This is one of my favorite packing hacks, especially if we are packing more than one person in a bag or moving locations a lot. We will pack all of the kids in these bags and it is really easy to find everyone’s stuff when we get there – unpacking is a breeze. Added bonus, you can squeeze the air out of the bags and compact your belongings to fit more in the bag!

Pill Container for Jewelry 

I love this idea! Use a pill container to keep your jewelry organized while traveling! So smart!

Information from – Princess Pink Girl


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