Travel Hacks Parts 2


Power Strip

This is my favorite! With 5 of us, we have a ton of electronics to charge every night. Hotels and cruise ships generally have an outlet on the desk, but that may be it! Bring your own power strip to turn that one outlet into 6 outlets! (Added bonus – when you are at the airport and people are hoarding the charging outlets – ask to plug this in and make some other travelers happy too!)

Wrap Shoes in Shower Cap

Don’t put those dirty shoes on your nice clean clothes, wrap them in a shower cap!

Check out Travel Guide from Library

There is a ton of information online about wherever you are going, but it isn’t always very printer friendly. I like to check out the latest travel guides from the Library and copy just the pages you are interested in. We will highlight place we want to go and things we want to see and take notes of restaurants or tips that we can share with others along the way. I love Rick Steves guides – they are always very helpful and accurate.

Empty Water Bottle

Water in the airport is highway robery. We will bring our own empty water bottles and fill them up once we clear security. We will also refill them in the hotels and carry them around the city. Many airports and cities now even have water bottle filling stations. Better yet, get an infuser water bottle, ask the hotel bar for a couple sliced lemons or grab some fruit off of the morning buffet and have your very own infused water!!

Leftover food from a Restaurant

We aren’t huge eaters and typically have leftovers when we go out. We are likely to eat them in the hotel room, but we like to get them packaged to go and if we see a homeless person on the street on our way back to the hotel, we will offer it to them.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is my absolute GO TO! I will not book a hotel without looking at the reviews. I feel like they are honest, accurate and completely unbiased. We have booked many hotels based on Trip Advisor recommendations and they have all been spot on!

Seat Guru

Seat Guru is one of my favorite tools – you can select your airlines and then your airplane and find out the good or bad seats on that plane, before selecting your seats. They tell you which seats don’t recline, which have extra room for your legs and which are by the bathroom – genius!

Information from- Princess Pink Girl




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