15 Free Things to Do with Kids this Summer

School is out and if you have little children or nieces and nephews, here are some fun things you can do together this summer, for free. 


  1. Build a Fort
    Every child loves to pretend to be in the wild west or camping out. Capture that creativity and build a fort as a hideout or camp site inside.
    Supplies: sheets, pillows, blankets, tables, etc.
  2. Picnic
    Load up a basket or backpack with all the goodies for your lunch or dinner and a blanket. Head out to your local park or even your front or back lawn and have a fun meal.
    Supplies: lunch or dinner food, blanket, flashlight (if at night), bug spray/sunscreen
  3. Pillow Fight
    No explanation needed here.
    Supplies: big fluffy pillows (ouch!make sure they do not have buttons on them)
  4. Scrapbook
    Children love creating, give your child some old photographs and have them make special scrapbook pages and you can add to your own scrapbooks.
    Supplies: old pictures, craft paper, glue, sparkles, etc
  5. Garden
    Allow your kids to have a designated part of your garden to plant and maintain their seeds throughout the summer. They will be amazed at seeing their seeds grow.
    Supplies: dirt, seeds, shovel, water
  6. Create a Play or Musical
    Have your kids come up with an original play or musical and act it out for you at the end of a days practice.
    Supplies: imagination, props or costumes from household items
  7. Hike
    This is a great weekend activity for the whole family to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise together.
    Supplies: sunscreen, bug spray, backpack, water bottles, snacks
  8. Museum
    If you have a local museum, call up and ask when they offer free hours. Most museums, especially in the summer, will offer free hours and days for visitors.
    Supplies: ability to get to a museum
  9. Bike Ride
    Either send out your older kids for a ride or go along with the younger ones. This is another great fun way to get in some exercise.
    Supplies: bikes, helmet, bike route
  10. Movies & Popcorn on a rainy day
    Gather up your kids, their favorite movies, and some popcorn on a rainy day.
    Supplies: movies, popcorn, blankets, pillow
  11. Coloring Books
    Whether you already have some at home or print out new sheets online coloring is fun and relaxing for kids of all ages.
    Supplies: crayons, markers, colored pencils
  12. Lemonade Stand
    What a great way to teach kids to understand money. Set up the stand and ask a reasonable price (anywhere from 25-50 cents per glass depending on their size). Have your kids go with you to the store to pick up the lemonade mix or lemons and let them pick out an item they are trying to earn by having the stand.
    Supplies: table (or box), sign, dixie cups, pitcher, lemonade
  13. Obstacle Day
    Create a giant obstacle course for your kids in the yard.
    Supplies: rope (can be used for a three-legged race), old sack or pillow case (hoping race), etc.
  14. Water Balloon Fight
    If you have two or more kids or a neighborhood full of little ones this is a great way to cool off on a hot day.
    Supplies: balloons, water faucet
  15. Fishing
    You know that fishing gear you got the kids for Christmas a few years ago? Why not take it for a spin at the local lake? Who knows they may end up catching the nights dinner!
    Supplies: fishing pole, lake/river

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