The Types Of Friends Females Need In Their Lives


#1 The Beauty Guru
The one you go to for contouring consultations and highlight advice. She even knows her way around the Sephora stores.

#2 The Night Out Girlfriend
Your dance-floor sidekick, honestly there is no one else you would rather have by your side on a heavy night out, she drinks shots like she drinks water and she is always down for a stop at the greasy burger joint on the way home.

#3 The One Who Makes Stuff Happen
The only one who keeps the  group Snap Chat alive, she wants to see you enjoy life, so she doesn’t care if you have work deadlines, an apartment to clean and a boyfriend to see, you will all go for cocktails and you will not bail.

#4 The One That Never Stops Laughing
Even at the most inappropriate of times she never fails to find something to laugh about, usually ends in fits of giggles, the ones where you can’t actually breathe because you’re laughing so hard.

#5 The One with the best advice
The friend who you can tell any and everything and she always know the right thing to say, even in the worst of times. Now if only she took her own advice and dumped that awful boyfriend of hers . . .

#6 The Career Girl
The one who makes you feel like you need to step your game up. She so focused on her career that she makes you feel like you must update your CV immediately because you want to be just like her.

#7 The Night In One
Everyone has that one friend who knows when you need her, so when she calls you at 1 a.m. to say ‘let’s drink wine and eat cheese.” it is no surprise.



  1. Sometimes these friends are bundled in just a couple of ladies and that is great also.

  2. I couldn’t agree more…Glad you are part of my blog ohana!


    • So am I Claudia. 🙂 Have an awesome week ahead!

  3. Ha ha ha. Great list.
    “She even knows her way around the Sephora stores.”

    That is a LOT of brain power. Better someone else than me. =)

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