Reflexology & How A Foot Rub Affects Your Whole Body


These days there has been many stressful situations and events taking place that may have some of us feeling a little more anxious, stressed out or out of our element of relaxation. Here’s a few stress releasing techniques to use when those feelings come about and you need to show yourself or have someone else show you a little tender loving care.

The Toes: Pressing the toes in a “walking” motion with your thumbs is said to ease tension headaches, neck stiffness, and sinus pressure.

The Ball: Steady pressure here from your thumbs is thought to calm the mind and reduce stress.

The Middle: Applying pressure to the inside edge of your foot is said to relax muscles along the spine.

The Arch: To tune up your digestive system and eliminate toxins. Try thumb and finger walking around the midsection of the arch.

The Heel: Deep pressure here is believed to release lower-back tension; the area is dense, so it can take firm pressure.







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