Messages to Give Your Children Every Day


As we interact with our children we are always giving them messages. These messages can range from managerial type (you left the frig door open again) to messages that influence their self-esteem (you did a great job). But we should also be giving our children positive life messages as well. Life messages that help provide them with the tools on how they should think and behave both now and in their later years. Below are a few life messages adults can give children every day.

  •  You can handle life’s difficulties – Children will be children and whether they are fighting with their siblings or having issues with their bestie, we should step back and allow children to resolve some of their day-to-day problems rather than resolving them for them or protecting them. By doing this shows we have faith in their abilities to fend for themselves. We have to give them a notion of “I can.” When we step back a little we give them the chance to develop their resourcefulness and initiative, which are two highly important life skills.
  •  You are unique – Granted most of us are group oriented people, wanting to feel a part of something. But, at the same time, we also all want to feel important and unique. We must remind children that being unique gives them their own strengths, talents, and ways of solving problems. We should never compare children to others, but help each child to focus on his or her strengths, even if they are not where we feel they should be at certain moments of their lives.
  • I care about you – Every person needs to feel that there is at least one person in their life who cares about them unconditionally. Parents can express they care by being affectionate, genuinely listen, and provide opportunities for one-on-one time.
  • You choose how you think, feel and behave – Another important life lesson to give our children is that they have some control over how they think, feel and behave. Whether they smile or not is a choice that they make. They are not puppets or victims of emotions or events but they can choose how they react when positive or negative things happen.
  •  There is nothing we can’t talk about – It is very important to talk about emotional issues rather than bottle them up inside or lash out at others. By acknowledging children when they feel sad, angry or scared, provides an opportunity to talk about feelings and gives them some strategies on how to deal with emotions. When we do so, it equips them with not only a wonderful but one of the most important life tools.

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