Hot Fun In The Summer Time!


We still have a few more days of summer. Let’s not let them go to waste. here are 20 frugal ways you can still enjoy summer!

  1. Sample the local delights at the farmers market
  2. Organize a game of tag football with a group of your friends
  3. Go on a nature walk
  4. Visit your local library and borrow a book to read while outdoors
  5. Pick fruit and make jam
  6. Make popsicles
  7. Visit a national park and admire nature at it’s finest
  8. Take a picnic to the beach
  9. Fly a kite at the park
  10. Take in an outdoor concert
  11. Meet a friend for coffee or dinner
  12. Throw a yard sale
  13. Take a mini road trip
  14. Take Rover on a walk around the neighborhood
  15. Throw a garage sale
  16.  Have littel girls? Why not throw a tea party with crumpets and cucumber sandwiches
  17. Shop at a flea market
  18. Check out a few street fairs
  19. Visit a museum or a zoo
  20. Go for a swim in your or a friends pool

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