You Just Wait!

be strong

Storms come and go. No storm last forever! It will never rain nor snow 365 days a year. Yes, the rain may cause flooding to your basement and it may even ruin your wedding day. The snow may freeze up causing major damage to your roof or other dangerous conditions. Yet, even the pile of snow at your doorstep will soon melt away. Trouble comes to pass not stay, and just like in a storm, you may be having a terrible time in life. Perhaps there is a problem you just can’t seem to get around. Maybe something or someone caused some serious damage to your mind, your heart or just your total state of being. You may feel snowed in, bogged down, flooded out by fear, anger or emotional destruction. But Don’t Worry! No storm, not even the one in your life, can last forever.  You just wait, this storm too shall pass!




  1. Wise words. Everything passes and so does trouble. Trouble is happy times pass too. 🙂

    • Hi Lovely Irina. Thank you, for liking this post. 🙂 Have a wonderful day ahead!

      • Thank you, Cheryl, the same to you. 🙂

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