Go For It!

“I don’t know why we can’t be good at one thing, and try to experiment in being good at another” – Naomi Campbell


I am sure like myself, you have many things that you are interested in and want to learn to be good at, which may be different from that thing you are currently good at. Our interest in life changes, just as our age does. Which is one of the reasons many college students tend to change their majors regularly.  Why is it that people have this habit of looking at us and seeing what we are now, not what we could be? Maybe it’s due to most people –parents, spouses, friends included, want to be able to pin things down a certain way in order for them to feel comfortable. You see, challenging their perceptions of us will throw them off balance.

 It is when we allow other people’s opinions to restrict us; we are limiting our options and our chances at self-fulfillment. Only we know who we are. There is growth in experimentation. Let’s refuse to become stagnate in order to please others. Taking time to sit and be quiet with oneself and listen to your inner self can help to determine who you are and what you should be. Go For It!


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