Never Follow a Beast into His Lair – Chauna Proverb


Every day I find something to write about. Somethings I save for certain moments and those things that get under my skin, I write about right away. This is one of those things that got under my skin. On my commute home the other day, there was this couple that was sitting two seats behind me. It seems that the male was upset that the female did not take up for him when her friend bashed him (which I am sure he deserved). He kept asking her why she didn’t take up for him (which I found amusing) and in the same breath, he states how he doesn’t care about what the friend said. Anyone can tell whatever the friend had said about him bothered him, or else he would not have repeated it the twenty times that he had (yes, I counted). He then starts to belittle the female, by calling her several names and threatening her. It got so bad that I thought he was going to put his hands on her. I had to pray for restraint not to turn around and tell him to shut the hell up. I also had to pray that he didn’t put his hands on her because I may be locked up instead of writing this post. I am sure others on the bus that day would have also chimed in if he had laid a hand on the female. You may say, it is none of my business, but I beg to differ. I believe it is our duty to help others in need. I would want someone to help me if I were in that situation and it had turned violent. But that is just me.

My purpose of this post is to say this to all the women and men out there that are in relationships that are no good for them. There are some people who are just no good for us. They include those who are physically and or verbally abusive and those with addictions to drugs or alcohol. These folks need professional help and must themselves possess the ability to recognize their problem and the desire to change. Yet, beyond the obviously troubled individuals just mentioned, we must also be cautious about the people who can bring us down with their pessimism, their unfocused anger, their self-obsession, or their extreme possessiveness.

There are beasts, big and small, around us. Let’s think twice before we accept their invitations to visit their lairs because it may not be so easy to get out. Take the time to reflect upon your personal relationships especially any that seem psychically draining. Then pledge to yourself to end or modify those relationships so that they are less of a weight.






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