But,They Need Me!


Isn’t it just like most of us always trying to make everything all right for other people? When they hurt, we want to stop whatever pain they are feeling. When they are in need, we do everything in our power to get that need met. When they make mistakes, we fix them and, in some cases cover them up. We are constantly setting ourselves up to be leaned on, yet, when people lean too much or too hard, we get angry. We start to feel used. Most of us have this need to feel needed. We acquire self-value and self-worth from the things we do for others. Let’s face it, we feel good when we are “doing.”  Yet, when the doing stops we feel the need for more than people are able or even willing to give us. Sadly, in the process of doing so, we lose sight of ourselves and our needs.

This is why we must remember that we set the standards for how we will be treated. People will treat you exactly the way you treat yourself. If you don’t want to become others crutch, then you must not set yourself up. Be good to you. Take time for yourself. Rest and take the time to play. Show yourself some affection, support, and gifts. Do not be afraid to become unavailable. Train yourself to say no. This way the next time someone asks something of you, you will not have a problem saying “Sorry, but I have something to do for myself.”  


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  1. Absolutely right and I have to remember it!!

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