I Am Who I Am!


Adrian Ortega is a very outgoing and fun young lady, with a very colorful and confident personality. All of her friends and family adore her, and a good time was always had when Adrian was around. Adrian was also great with money, which was her reason for pursuing a degree in accounting. Out of all her friends, she was the one that always saved and was very frugal with her spending.  It was just a week out of college when she was hired for her first corporate job at a large and popular accounting firm as a junior accountant. Adrian was enjoying the work and her colleagues. Her female counterparts were the more serious and what some would call overly ambitious types. They would wear only designer outfits, shoes, and handbags, and would only hang out with those who were a part of the firm. Adrian wanted to fit in so she begins dressing and acting just like her counterparts in order to become a part of the team. Adrian would go out with those from work and she would laugh out loud and be her fun-loving self, but they would all look at her as if she were a three-headed shark, which after a while caused Adrian to begin losing confidence in herself. Even her friends and family started to notice the change in Adrian. She had become more arrogant and no longer had time for them, and when she did hang out with friends or family, she was somewhat serious and would give them a weird look if they seem to be having too much fun. After working at the firm for a year and pretending to be someone she wasn’t Adrian had enough and decided to leave the firm to work still as a junior accountant, but for a graphic design company. The graphic design company was nowhere as large as the accounting firm she left, but it was more creative and less stuffy, causing Adrian to get her confidence back and feel more like her colorful and fun self again. In the end, she was happier with her decision and so were her friends and family. Now everyone had the real Adrian back, even Adrian.  

The moral of this story is that it is so easy to get caught up in being who others want you to be. It is even easier to convince yourself that who you are is not enough. If we are not careful and conscious, we can spend a good part of life acting out roles and expectations rather than living who we are. “Who am I?” is the question we should start the day with. Know that you are not your name, job, or level of education. You are not who your mother, father, sister, brother, husband, children or friends say you are. You are not your dress or pant size, hair length, the number of credit cards you carry. Who am I? For some of us is a frightening question. To know who we are means we must move beyond the names and labels. It means we must shake off restrictions and limitations. To know “who I am” means having no more excuses being anything else for anyone else other than that which God made me be.


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