Reasons to Embrace Fall

Fall (or autumn depending where you’re from) is a season filled with pumpkins, leaves, scarves, hot chocolate, boots, and sweaters. You may be dreading having to say goodbye to summer, but look on the bright side of things, by embracing all the beauty that fall brings with it. Below are various ways you can embrace fall.


  • Festive activities

Fall is an amazing month due to the number of fun, seasonal activities that appear as soon as the leaves begin to change. Some of those fun activities are visiting corn fields, apple picking, and pumpkin carving. Let’s not forget all the various carnivals, those fun hay rides, and sitting around bonfires with friends. Fall is a great time to take time out of your busy life or career and make some lasting memories.

  • Scenery

There is a unique beauty found in nature when observed in the fall. Beautiful scenes of leaves drifting down from the trees as the sun peek through, taking a drive around various towns seeing all the lovely festive wreaths adorning each doorway and the warmth and beauty of a fire crinkling within a fireplace. How about sitting around a fire pit with a mug of apple cider conversing with family and friends. Take advantage of these moments and hold onto them, because the little things are what you’ll want one day.

  • Fall movies

Fun movies to watch during the fall season are “Hocus Pocus,” “Harry Potter,” “Witches of Eastwick” and “ It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.” Looking for a little mystery, suspense or something scary try “Psycho,” “Fatal Attraction,” “A Perfect Murder,” or “Black Swan,” “The Butterfly Effect,” “Salt,” or “Mr. Brooks,” “Misery,” or “A Time to Kill.” For a good scary laugh watch the “Scary Movie Series.”  Whichever you prefer, make some buttered popcorn, a hot drink, grab a warm blanket and settle onto your couch and enjoy the film.  

  •  Halloween

Need I say more? Although, personally, I am not into the whole Halloween scene because of the way some people mistreat and take all the fun out of the holiday. I could not leave one of the biggest holidays of the season off the list. There’s so much to love about Halloween, from the creativity of costumes, the great themed parties, the candy, decorated houses and the joy those big and small gets from it all.

  • Food & drink

The treats and sweets that come along with fall are some of the best of the year. We have candy corn, caramel apples, and all things pumpkin. Spicy drinks, hot chocolate, hot tea, pumpkin spice lattes, and coffee. It adds something special to your day. When you savor the flavors of fall it sort of (if just for a little while) make you forget all about summer.

  • Coziness

There are so many cozy and cuddly moments in fall. From oversized chunky sweaters, soft fluffy blankets, raging bonfires, the ambiance of fireplaces, baked goodies, to sipping on a good cup of coffee. These are some of the best ways to get through the cold weather, along with a nice cup of tea and a good book.

  • Decorating

Giving your home or your room a cozy, seasonal feel is not only festive, but it’s refreshing.  So, if buying fairy light leaf strands, scented candles, scented pine cones, or a great DIY project helps you to get in the mood for fall, and then go for it. There are tons of decorating ideas on Pinterest as well as inexpensive items from your local Dollar Tree stores. Enjoy!

  • Stay in & go out

There are reasons to love both. In fall, it’s perfectly okay to stay in, whether it’s to cuddle while watching a movie and burning a blueberry pumpkin patch candle, or have a game night while eating takeout and listening to your favorite fall music. At the same time, there’s the excitement of going out to do fall-central things like those mentioned above. You can also attend Halloween parties with your friends, or Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends or just invite all your friends over for a huge bonfire night complete with smores.

  • Fall fashion

Be honest, you live for the days of cute boots, warm socks, the chance to finally wear your favorite chunky cozy sweater, sweater dresses, leggings, thigh high boots and more. Let’s not forget about all the fun and great accessories that go along with some of those fall and winter outfits. Fall fashion is an amazing experience for any girl.







  1. The Autumn has just taken on a whole new meaning after reading this post! I do love the Autumn months – the colour of the trees is just magical at this time of year and those cold sunshine days preparing us for winter.. This is a lovely post Cheryl – thank you! x

    • Wendy, Thank you! I love fall! 🙂

      • Me too Cheryl – I wonder if it’s linked to my September birthday.. it always feels ‘just right’.. x

      • I am November, maybe you have something there. 😉

      • Yep – I think I’m right – it’s a natural affinity! x

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