You Can’t Steal My Joy


“If an oyster can make a pearl out of an irritating grain of sand, just think what you could do if in every situation you chose to rejoice!”

Does it seem like everywhere you turn today, something tries to steal your joy?

If you can’t rejoice and be glad today, you will never rejoice and be glad.

You will waste the joyous opportunities of today waiting for tomorrows that may or may not ever come. If I wait until life slows down, there is justice in the world, the kids move out of the house, I lose some weight, a loved one changes their ways, love, and respect for mankind, then I’ll spend my life waiting rather than living and being glad.

The joys of life are found in and amongst life itself.

Yes, life is full of frustrations, disappointments, pain, and suffering; but no matter what we are facing, having an attitude of joy will allow us to find the good that God promises us is there.



  1. A wonderful post. I enjoyed every word of it. Wisdom we can all learn. Thank you kindly for sharing this. Have a beautiful day!

    • Thank you, Glad you enjoyed it. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  2. Beautifully put and oh so true. Seeing the beauty in the ‘everyday’ stuff is joyous! Thanks for a lovely reminder xx

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