Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

Although most of us would love to remain in denial about this but winter is coming. If you have little ones you know how easy it is for them to get bored when stuck indoors on a cold winter snow day. Here are a few fun ideas that aren’t just fun for the kiddies, but can also be fun for the whole family.


  • Water bottle bowling – Line up several empty water bottles (all the same height), and get a small ball, then take turns knocking them down (just like regular bowling!). To add a little weight to the bottles, you can add a little bit of water or colorful sand. To make it a little more colorful, you can add colorful tape as shown in above photo or have the colored sand serve two purposes.
  • Board games – Dust off those Candyland, Monopoly, Scrabble and other long lost board games in your closet. Even ‘older’ kids can have fun with this one!
  • Cooking or baking – Why not let your kids help you prepare a meal or bake some cookies. By doing so, you may be creating the next contestant for “Chopped Jr.”  That is unless you are afraid you may get chopped?
  • Indoor Hop Scotch – If you live in an apartment, you may want to wait until your downstairs neighbor has gone to work for this next game. Grab some masking or painter’s tape which is easy to remove and create an indoor hopscotch. You may just have a childhood flashback.
  •  Puzzles – Do a large puzzle together. It will create patience, as well as an end goal.





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