8 Holiday Cleaning Hacks


With Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas following close behind, here are 8 cleaning hacks to prepare your home for the holidays.

  • Wipe down your cabinets. Use a household cleaner and a rag to remove any stains or grease on your cabinets. Murphy’s Oil Soap is a great cleaner that works for any material or finish. Be sure whatever you use is safe for painted surfaces. A mixture of white vinegar and water will also help remove stuck-on grease and stains.
  •  Clean your microwave. Fill a bowl with one to two cups of water, two tablespoons of white vinegar and several drops of your favorite essential Place the bowl in the microwave for five minutes. Let it sit for several minutes and then wipe down your microwave with a wet rag.
  • Spruce up your pantry.  A magazine holder works great for keeping canned good organized and out of the way. You can also use cute Mason jars to store dry goods like beans and noodles. Keep dried food, spice packets and other boxed or pouched items in one place by using a hanging shoe organizer.
  •  Clutter-Free Closets. Space gets tight when you have family in town. Organized closets give visiting family extra room to hang clothes and store luggage. Installing hanging shelves is a quick way to group like items and free up additional shelving space. Baskets and drawers allow you to store smaller odds and ends without taking up space on shelves or in dressers.
  • Clean the garbage Disposal. It’s a good idea to prepare your disposal for the holiday rush with a quick clean. Also, be sure your disposal is working properly. Fixing any major problem before the holidays will save you time cleaning up — and lots of trash bags. Grinding lemons, oranges, and ice in your disposal will eliminate unpleasant odors and clean the blades. Getting rid of gunk from your blades will boost your disposal’s efficiency and keep your home smelling great. Once your disposal is in tip-top shape, it’s important to avoid problem-causing foods and materials. Here’s a quick list of disposal-damaging items:Egg shells
      •  Banana peels
      •  Potato peels
      •  Any food with heavy grease
      •  Bones
  •  Flawless Flooring. A quick, professional cleaning before family arrives will breathe life back into your home and create a welcoming environment for friends and family. It’s also important to have an emergency carpet cleaning solution on hand for the inevitable red wine spill. Place a small amount of baking soda on the stain, let it sit for ten minutes and vacuum it up. Next, add a mixture of hot water, vinegar and dish soap to the stain and wipe it up with a clean sponge.
  • Brilliant Blinds. Use a dry paintbrush to knock down small amounts of dirt or dust on your blinds. For a deeper clean, slip an old sock over your hand and dip it in a white vinegar-water mix. Run your hand over each slat to remove dirt, dust, and other grime. A dust-free home will look great and help allergenic or asthmatic family members enjoy their visit. (And you’ll secretly impress any nosey guests.)
  •  Dust-Busting Baseboards and Window Sills. You may not notice your dirty baseboards and window sills, but someone will. Use a wet rag to get rid of gunk on your window sills and dryer sheets to wipe down your baseboards. A wet Q-Tip is perfect for clearing out stubborn dust in the corners of your baseboards and window sills.

If you want to have your home cleaned before or after your guest have arrived and gone, check out the Home Advisor’s True Cost Guide, which reports most homeowners have their homes cleaned for between $116 and $226.




  1. I promise myself to declutter my closets… some of them!

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