Thank You Notes We Should Write


There is so much we all have to be thankful for and with the holidays approaching it would be nice to send or give a note of thanks to those that have added value or helped us this year. We all can use some gratitude in our lives, and with the state of the world today, we all can be kinder toward one another. Think about how you feel when someone says “thank you” and truly mean it.

 Maybe if we all took the time to give thanks and show gratitude to others it can help change the world. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, you can buy a pack of thank you cards, or post cards, or if you want to be a little creative, make your own cards. The act itself is what truly matters. Here are a few people we can show our gratitude toward.

 Mail Carrier

Come rain or sleet or snow, your mail carrier delivers mail to you all year long. They walk from house to house in the heat and brave the slippery walkways in the winter, and even yield off pets. You can put a simple note of thanks in your mailbox addressed to your mail carrier to let them know how grateful you are.

Also, the next time you see your mail carrier, ask for their name. Wouldn’t it be nice to open the front door saying hello and thank you, saying their name? I am sure that bit of personal acknowledgment will make their day.

 Someone Who Helps You in Your Everyday Errands

There are a couple of women at the Dunkin Donut I frequent who when I walk in has my order already on the counter. That makes me feel special, so I make them feel special by bringing each of them a little girly goodie bag at least twice a year. Just the look of excitement on their faces makes me happy.

From your favorite coffee shop to the checkout clerk who helps you at the grocery store, notice the people you connect with again and again as you run errands in your daily life. Ask them their names. Shower them with a little gratitude.

 Those Who Serve and Protect

It doesn’t take long to write a simple note to say, “Thank you for the ways you make our world a safer place” and drop it off at your local police station or fire station. You will make them so happy with this little gesture.

You can also send a note of support and gratitude to a deployed soldier. Operation Gratitude sends care packages and gives directions on their website about how to send letters. Think about the joy you’ll bring to someone who is far away from his or her family. 

 Service Providers

People need to be told why you appreciate them and how they make you feel when they do their work in the world. Think about everyone from your hairdresser or barber who always makes you feel good about yourself, or your dentist and staff that helps relax you on your visit, even the waitress or other staffers at your favorite restaurant or breakfast spot, maybe they show kindness to your child/children as well.

Notice the service providers in your life who make the world a better place and say thank you.


Send your parents a little love in the mail. One thing I’ve learned being a parent myself is parents love to be shown a little gratitude.  Yes, it is nice to show them the love on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, but it is also beautiful to show our gratitude throughout the year. If your parents are no longer around show some gratitude to someone that is like a parent to you. A Godmother or auntie or uncle, or a stepparent.

Even if you just shot them a quick text or email expressing your gratitude, I am sure it will be appreciated and brighten their day. 


From your child’s teachers to a teacher you had years ago who changed your life, sharing a little gratitude with the teachers you’ve known is such a beautiful idea. Teachers also buy so many things for the kids in their classrooms, so gift cards to art supply stores are a great thing to tuck inside your thank you note.


Babysitters, nurses, doctors, and those who take care of loved ones on a daily basis or when we’re sick fall into this category. When my mom passed away, I sent a thank you card to the nurses that were in her unit that were very kind to me through my time of need. A simple thank you note will be a much-needed reminder to the caregivers to know that their work in the world matters. 


Show your friends some love, and send them some snail mail to say thanks. Notice the ways they make your life brighter, and let them know. Writing a friend every week would be an awesome practice – you could even reach out to friends you’ve lost touch with or friends from your childhood and let them know how they’ve impacted you over the years. 


This is the part where I say: If you don’t know a librarian to say “thank you” to, it’s time to get to your local library and start checking out books and connecting with the super knowledgeable folks just waiting for you there. Supporting your local library is such a good thing to do. It can be a perfect after school or Saturday afternoon activity for your family too.






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