Thoughtful Thursday

Simple Ways to Make Others Feel Special

We always make time for the things that are important to us: eating, showering, Facebook, watching our favorite TV shows. If we don’t make time for something, it’s probably because that “something” isn’t actually as important to us as we claim.

If someone were to ask us what we value most, I’m sure that our relationships with our friends and family would come in close to the top of the list. But for most of us, the way we allocate our time doesn’t always reflect this.

At some level, we all know that the way we spend our time reveals our priorities, much more than merely what we say or think.

Maybe it’s true that we don’t always have the luxury of writing frequent, long personal emails, but we can all make a more conscious effort to show people that they matter and that they’re special.

Here are a few ways we can make someone feel special.

  • Tell them “Good job!” when they’ve done something well.
  • Tell them you’re proud of them.
  • Ask them to teach you something.
  • Remember the names of the people close to them.
  • Ask them for advice or for their opinion.
  • Brag about them even when they aren’t there. Word will get around.
  • Never say “I told you so.”
  • When you’ve made a mistake, admit it immediately.
  • Call if you’re going to be late to meet them.
  • Don’t compare them with anyone else, especially not to their face.
  • Ask about their family.
  • Ask them how they feel about an event or situation.
  • Tell them that you believe in them.
  • Notice when they change something about her physical appearance.
  • Include them in a group conversation.
  • If there’s an inside joke that they don’t understand, explain it to them.
  • When they are right about something, let them know.
  • Ask them about their dreams.
  • Share your dreams with them.
  • Share your fears and insecurities with them.
  • Never say “I understand exactly how you feel.” You don’t.
  • Don’t judge their dreams, ideas or opinions.
  • When you introduce them, say something kind about their accomplishments and about your friendship.
  • Tell them how they have made a difference in your life.
  • Bring up a unique shared memory.
  • Make a note of the important events in their life and ask them how the events went.
  • Give them a specific and genuine compliment.
  • Praise them in front of other people.
  • Send them a thank you note.
  • Celebrate their successes.








  1. Amy

    Love this post!

    • Thank you, Amy! Happy New Year to you!

  2. So much truth there. Thank you.

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