10 Things Life is Too Short for

Your Life Does Not Get Better By Chance

Realizing my life is not that of Benjamin Button, as I get older and hopefully, a little wiser I’m seriously starting to focus on things that really matter to me. No longer am I willing to tolerate certain things or accept certain people that are not bringing any fulfillment, meaning, joy or love into my life. I am constantly having quite times with myself to reflect on things in my life that worked and those that didn’t work and where I need to make changes for improvement in my life so I can get the fulfillment, meaningful, joy and love I am looking to have in my life going forward. Because life if too short!

So here are ten things life is too short for that, we spend too much time focusing on. Hopefully, you can remove some of these from your life as well. 

  1. Worrying – Having worries are one of the most destructive things we do to ourselves. Mainly, because 95% of the time the things we worry about don’t happen. Things are never as bad as we imagine them to be. Besides it is pointless to worry about something that may or may not happen.
  2. Thinking too much – Why over think things?  We think that others have a certain opinion of us, we think something bad might happen and play every possible scenario in our heads. We think we’re not good enough, we think of yesterday or something we miss. We just think way too much. It’s time to start being here now and experiencing what is.
  3. Not following your dreams – You may think you’re too young or too old to start a business or new career, too fat or too skinny to be athletic, that you lack experience for a certain job position, don’t have what it takes to do whatever your heart desires. The thing is that the only limitations that can stop you from achieving anything are the ones you put on yourself.
  4. Staying in a bad relationship – It’s so sad that some people stay with another person for years, or for their whole life, only because they feel comfortable, think they don’t deserve anything better and no one else will like them. But a relationship like that is not love or happiness. It’s just two people being comfortable with each other and afraid to go out there and start living again. Don’t fall into this trap. Or if you do, be brave enough to just go away.
  5. Fooling yourself – We’re often cannot be honest with ourselves and prefer to live in an illusion. But that usually doesn’t end well. It’s better to stop fooling ourselves and living in lies. Instead, admit your desires, decisions, dreams and doubts. And accept them. Then go and do something about it.
  6. Thinking small – We all have the habit of doubting, feeling like now is not the right time or you’re not ready, but life is too short not to play big. So if you want something, go get it. Make that call, meet that person, write that book, take that job, and do whatever else you feel the urge to do.
  7. Living the way others want you to – Seriously, life is too short for that. Everyone around you has so many ideas of what you should do, say and think that if you let them take control, you’ll have no voice. Living by someone else’s standards isn’t living at all. So do something about it.
  8. Not doing things you enjoy – Life is too short to do things you hate, but also not to do things you love. For me, life is too short not to write. For you, it will be something else. Find your thing, dedicate yourself to it and feel the greatest contentment.
  9. Trying to please others – There will always be someone that won’t like you and trying to impress them or do anything to grab their attention is a waste of time. Those that deserve to be in your life, will find a way into your life.
  10. Regrets – What’s done is done. It doesn’t really matter who did it or what it was. The past just loses its meaning in the present moment. In order for us to grow, we should learn from the past and our mistakes, accept them and move on by letting go and forgiving ourselves.






  1. Loved reading it … 😉☺

  2. Hi Cheryl! Great post! This is a great list of things we all need to honestly look at so we can live the best possible life. Thank you!!

    • Thank you, Kimberly! I am glad you enjoyed that one. 🙂 Have a blessed rest of the week!

  3. Great tips. 😊😊😊

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