Learning to Have a High Opinion of Yourself

Never Allow Someone To Be You Priority While Allowing Yourself To Be Their Option

If you’re not in a good relationship with yourself and don’t have a high opinion of yourself, you can’t really have a stable relationship with another person.

Here’s how to fix it and have a high opinion of yourself instead:

  1. Know that you are enough.

Some people are so desperate in their desire to find a partner, to be loved, to receive attention. And their actions are desperate too. Don’t do that to yourself.

What you need to realize is that when you seek out others or expect others to be the end all to making you happy and content, that you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Why? It’s because no one is responsible for your happiness but you. There is no other person that you need more than yourself. Only then will you realize you’re worthy of being loved by others too.

  1. Let go of mistakes.

Whatever bad you’ve done, it can’t be changed. All your failures, on the other hand, are priceless lessons – they give you experience and now you know exactly what not to do again.

  1. Admit your achievements.

Once you dump all those thoughts connected to your past mistakes, it’s time to remind yourself of your successes. And they can be found in little things.

Remember all those times you showed strength and attitude, you helped someone, you reached a goal, reached a milestone, etc. Then you need to admit them. Don’t feel uncomfortable to share them with others.
Once you do this, your achievements will start to define who you are. Not your failures.

  1. 4. Remove toxic people from your life.

There are people in your life that make you feel bad about yourself all the time and prevent you from having a high opinion of yourself. You don’t need them.
Even if you’ve known them for a long time, don’t be afraid to put an end to that relationship and start respecting yourself more.
After all, if they only put you down, they don’t deserve to spend any time with you, period- point -blank.

  1. Appreciate yourself for who you are.

You’re a unique human being, have been through a lot, have many ideas and dreams, good qualities and potential. See all that and appreciate it.

  1. Know you’re working on improving yourself.

Once you accept who you already are, allow yourself to set some goals and make improvements. The fact that you’re doing something about your future, or to live healthier and to look and feel better, is enough to make you more confident and motivated to actually step your game up.

  1. Do what you love.

If you’re spending your days doing stuff you don’t really enjoy, then you won’t be happy. And you’ll be blaming yourself for that. Be it a job, completing daily tasks that you think are important or urgent, old habits, etc. If you hate any of these, you’ll live with a constant sense of discontent.

Everything can be changed. Don’t be afraid to act upon that. You deserve to spend every hour doing something you’re passionate about. So take some time to figure out what it is you really want, to ask yourself some questions and analyze your situation.

These steps won’t happen overnight. It is a process. But if you make the decision to take back control of your life today you’ll realize how important you are and that your bright future is still out there waiting for you. That will motivate you to make steps every day and you’ll soon see yourself become who you’ve always wanted to be. Good Luck!



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