Why Men Need Not Fear Single Mothers


One Mom's Guide/ Created by a single mom for single moms. :)   www.onemomsguide.com:

Dear Fellas,

Why is it that some men are taken aback by single mothers? They seem to have this perception of single mothers as being desperate, needy or clingy.  When in fact most single mothers run their own home, pay their own bills, look after themselves AND their children all while holding down a job and everything else that life throws at them.

So, fellas, if a single mother allows you into her world, be grateful she has added time in her very busy schedule for you in her life at all.


For All Single Mothers












  1. That’s a silly attitude. Most single mothers I know are strong, courageous women.

    • The majority are. They hold it down for sure!

  2. I think sometimes the men in this category feel intimidated.

    • I agree Jacqueline. Thank you, for your comment.

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