The Greatest Love Of All

Tell me what love is:

Disclaimer: Please do not assume I am pushing my beliefs onto you because that is not the case at all. This is just what I believe and just like you, I have a right to express it.

The very first commandment given and stated as the most important commandment of them all is for us to “Love one another.”

Love one another, not in a romantic sense, but for us to have compassion for others, be kind to others, help others when we can, for we are all given special gifts and talents that allow us to be able to add value in some way into another person’s life, which I am sure you have experienced at some point in your life.

I think most people don’t realize their talents and gifts, and therefore feel like they have nothing to offer. That is so NOT TRUE!  Please don’t allow anyone to tell you or make you feel as though you are useless because you are not. We are all here for a reason, we just need to dig deep within ourselves to discover why that is. I can confidently say, I am sure you have tapped into that gift or talent of yours and used it to help someone without even realizing you were even using one of your many gifts. Yes, we have more than one thing we are good at, but I believe there is a special gift that each of has that only we can provide to others. Ponder that!

We all have gone through things in our lives when we may have needed the help of another person or persons. And I would like to meet the person that has never needed the help of others.

So, lets be a blessing to others and remember to always Love Who You Are!


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