Standing Up for Your Values


It is now March and granted the past two months may not have been the fresh start we all had in mind. The New Year hit fiercely, bringing with it a plethora of noise, a bit of hate and a whole lot of questions. Which to be honest had most people feeling a bit lost.

We all look for guidance from our peers, our families, our pastors, and heck even the media, whatever platform it may be. Yet, we rarely look for guidance within ourselves.  As a woman — an American, the New Year has challenged me to think about what is important to me and solely me, more than ever. I started to block out all the noise and reacquaint myself with my values, to remind myself of what makes me proud to be who I am and to stand up for those values regardless of what others are saying. In turn, I started to feel a little less sadden by the way of the world and lot more empowered.

You don’t have to accept the things you’re not ok with. Speak up when something is not right and be proud of what you believe in. And remember its’s ok if your values change. We are only human and we are ever-evolving.  Learning every day, meeting new people, we are in constant change, so it only makes sense that as we grow and transform our values do as well. My hope for you whatever your values may be is for you to please maintain your truth, stay honest with yourself and never fear to be the only one standing alone for what you believe in.


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