When Is It Enough?


When is it enough? When is there enough love, enough communication, enough growth, and enough satisfaction? In most relationships, there never seems to be enough. Something is always missing and when what’s missing shows up we then want something else. When sex is good, the finances are bad. When the finances are in a good place, the communication is out of whack. Then once you start to talk to each other, you then discover what you don’t do, haven’t done, and don’t have. It will take a great deal of commitment and energy to work together in order to get it together, yet you don’t have the time. You both have to work to make the money to get more things that will make you feel satisfied. When is it enough? When are we going to be satisfied with ourselves as whole beings and our mates as unique beings? When will love be enough to inspire us to spend more time just loving and being? When is life and the joy that being alive be enough to keep us loving life and living in joy? When is it enough? And, when it’s not enough, what do you do about it?


  1. tmezpoetry

    Eleven years later with my partner, I can attest to the fact that love is honest, gentle, loyal and a lot of stumbling through. Love creates the commitment and not the other way around. But it is so worth the good times and bad together ~

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