Welcoming Spring

Spring is the season
of renewal. New beginnings and endless
possibilities. Spring also brings out all the
pretty flowers and the lovely rainbows and
butterflies. When spring arrives, it’s like you
get a chance to start over. A chance to start
something new and refreshing. It’s almost
like being cleansed or baptized of all your
past events. You feel
a sort of rebirth inside.
Women start to clean out
their closets and shop for
new bed linen, window curtains, 
spring dresses, and accessories. Let’s
not forget the cute shoes. The time to get
maybe a whole new look with a new hairstyle
or a cut and maybe even a new color. We can’t
forget the fellas, as they get super excited about
finally being able to take out their bikes. While at the
neighborhood carwash they all stand around shining the
chrome on their bikes and cars, as they peep at all the lovely
ladies strutting by before their eyes. Then they head off to the
gas station to fill their car or bike’s gas tank so they can continue
riding around town to complete their girl watching. What a cute, yet
comical scene! Spring is such a blissful time of year, full of all things
coming alive, being revived an awareness of all things beautiful. Enjoy!




  1. Happy Spring, Cheryl! It’s autumn in Australia, but I still think of March as the Spring month and remember well how I felt a kind of rebirth inside in my old country in Europe.

    • Thanks, Irina. How amazing it is that it can be one season in one part of the world and a whole other season in another part of the world at the same time. God is so amazing! Have a good rest of the week.

      • Thanks, Cheryl. The same to you. 🙂

  2. I enjoyed reading your lovely thoughts and descriptions of spring and could easily visualise each little scene you painted. Spring is here today in the UK too,Cheryl, although since the equinox we’ve had awful weather. But that’s typical of British weather in March. Today, the 23rd, the sun is shining and the strong wind has dropped – and so far, no sign of the usual rain! The garden is bursting with colour now that the tulips mingle with the daffodils and the trees are greening up nicely. Several cherry and magnolia trees are in blossom and the rest will do the same soon. I can’t wait for the lilac to flower!
    Yes, spring is a beautiful season. full of new beginnings and hope for the future.

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