To Change You Must Become Vulnerable

vulnerable 4

Some may think to be vulnerable is a sign of weakness. Yet, to be vulnerable means you are alive. Can you remember a time in your life when you went through a form of transition – Possibly a new job, graduation, marriage, your first child, a death, divorce or having to move in your elderly parent? Now, can you re-experience the excitement and emotions you felt during those life events? At the precise moment of change, we might be at once frightened and exhilarated. The new job or career switch will challenge our abilities. A commitment to a relationship will require that we take on certain obligations whether with a spouse, partner or parent. With any change that we undertake we put ourselves in a vulnerable position. We might fail.

Yet, we must call upon our courage. When we allow ourselves to change, we become pioneers and explorers. We now push our limits, and expand our boundaries, to take control.

So, when the need for change comes knocking on your door, go on and answer it, and allow yourself to be as vulnerable as you need to be in order to be that great pioneer and explorer of the next new phase in your life.




  1. I fully agree with you, Cheryl. Our very vulnerability does make us call on our reserves of courage. A thought-provoking and well expressed post.

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