7 Types of Toxic People


Science shows even small doses of toxic people can do major damage to your life.

  1. Gossip mongers – Watch out for those types who deliberately tear other people down. One day they will tear you down too. Steer clear of those people that want to know every single thing about your life and others’ lives, just to gossip about it.
  2. Conversation hogs – Those people who talk a lot about themselves but who don’t show an equal, genuine interest in hearing from you about yourself. They can include a friend who is always looking for advice but never asks you about your own life, the showboat that gets a thrill out of endlessly relating his latest adventures, or the well-meaning acquaintance who can’t seem to maintain a conversation about anything other than her therapist. Avoid these types and don’t feel guilty about it. These types of people would be satisfied to perform in front of anybody.
  3. The hopelessly self-destructive – If someone refuses to take responsibility for their terrible choices, their drama will infect your life and sap your energy. Not to say you should shun anyone with bad habits, but there are some people who become defensive, combative, and full of excuses when you point out obvious, severe lapse in judgment in your attempt to help them…if having to provide support for people who act this way causes you stress and never-ending frustration, it’s best to stay away because they have no intention of growing as people.
  4. Walking Selfies These are the “shiny people” – they always look polished on the outside, but their real personality doesn’t match their exterior. “Honesty is a shiny person’s biggest fear. They don’t want you to know them. They want you to know the filtered, curated, guarded version you see every day.” Who has time for that?
  5. Green-eyed monsters If someone needs to minimize your strengths and achievements to make themselves feel better, you don’t need them in your life. Stay away from people who don’t know how to appreciate your hard work and can’t rejoice in your accomplishments. True friends are genuinely happy for your good fortune. They don’t try to diminish it with negative reactions or make you feel guilty for sharing your happiness.
  6. The “calm down” crew – Yes it is possible to be overdramatic about minor issues, but you’re not going to get much benefit out of a relationship if the other parties tell you you’re just being oversensitive. Avoid a person who tells others to “Calm down”. Most people that tell others to calm down often feel they are rational adults and that whoever they’re talking to is behaving like a child. Whatever problem anyone is having –no matter how small it may seem to others it could be a real problem for them. And something that is making that person unhappy. Don’t allow others to belittle your feelings.
  7. Mother hen – that friend who feels they need to mother you as if you were one of their children. If you are in the car with them they feel the need to tell you to “lock your door,” or if you’re out shopping they ask “did you bring enough money?” If it is raining they say “don’t forget your umbrella.” They act as if you just came out of the birth canal. These types can be annoying to the fact that it can become toxic.

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