10 Joy-Killers


  1. Caring about what others think – You will be much happier if you stop worrying about what others think of you. If they are your loved one and they have your best interest at heart that is one thing. But everybody else who cares what they think. They are not going through what you are going through, they are not supplying your paycheck, paying your bills, cleaning your house or cooking for you, so you should not worry about what others think about you. If you are doing something that makes you happy and you are not harming anyone or doing anything illegal, if it makes you happy who cares what people think about it. Maybe you are into certain trends and you want to wear pink hair, wear your makeup a certain way, that is your business and if it makes you happy then do it, you will be a much happier person.
  2. Pleasantries Pleasantries are anything but pleasant. I don’t need to go out of my way to be friendly to somebody I don’t care for. That I can never ever do. This is not to say I won’t be polite and respectful, but I will never hang out with someone I am not fond of nor will I go the extra mile for such person. Pleasantries that are not truly pleasant why do them? They take up way too much energy. If you work with people you don’t like in the workplace you can still be polite and say good morning and remain professional, but you don’t need to be their friend. Everyone will not like you and you won’t like everyone. The world will still spin if you are not friends, and you will be happier and most importantly you will remain true to yourself.
  3. Drama – Avoid and stay away from the drama around you. The drama can be your friend’s drama, your family’s drama, your co-workers’ drama. Drama is not good at all and it takes up so much energy. It brings negative vibes into your life and it drains the heck out of you. If you feel yourself getting sucked into others drama think of this great quote: “Not my circus, not my monkeys.” It will work every time. It is easy to get caught up in other people’s drama. It takes up a lot of energy and it is not worth it, so stay away from it.
  4. Frienemies – These are the people that are your friends, but not really your friends because they secretly want to see you fail. These are also the joy-killers. Like if you share an idea about something with them they will have negative things to say about your idea. They are not your friends, your true friends will cheer you on and support your idea and if your idea does happen to fail they will be there to cheer you up and they will also be there when you try again and start from scratch. Spring is here so it is a great time to spring clean those toxic friends from your life and be around those that truly care about you and support you and you feel the same about them. Trust me you will feel much better.
  5. Being Perfect – Stop being scared of things not being perfect and of making mistakes. Things will not always be perfect and you will make a mistake that is a fact of life. However, you can learn from your mistakes and you can improve so things can get closer to being perfect with time. People who are scared of not being perfect or of making mistakes, they are not really doing things because the fear of not being perfect is paralyzing. If you can push past trying to be perfect and just go for it and if you make a mistake so what start over if it is not perfect it will be better next time, but the bottom line is you’re doing it and you are moving in the direction of bettering yourself. Think of all the most successful people you hear about or even know who have made mistakes and look at where they are now. So take the fear and let it be what motivates you and gives you strength.
  6. Jealous of Others – Stop being jealous of other people lives. Be it material items or just their life in general. They are living their life, live yours. They are doing their thing and you need to do yours. You don’t have time to focus on other people’s lives. Don’t worry about how much money someone spent on their car, home or clothing. If you are jealous of where you think they are in life, you will get there one day. Focus on what you need to do with your life. Use that negative jealousy as a motivator to push you forward in your own life.
  7. Stop trying to be like everyone else – Unless you are one who enjoys following the latest trends and you like to fit in that way then okay, but if you are trying to be like others just to fit in with your friends because otherwise, they would not hang out with you. Then guess what boo, they are not your true friends, because your true friends would like you no matter what. Let’s be real you will never be happy trying to be something or someone you’re not because you can only keep up the fake persona for so long. It will make you miserable to the point you will start losing yourself. So, make it easier on yourself by just being yourself.
  8. Stop defining yourself by your age – Age is just a number. Don’t define who you are based on how old you are. If you want to take a risk at 80 years old and go skydiving, then do it. If you’re 60 but enjoy dressing in the latest fashion trends, yet in a tasteful manner then who cares? Do you! If you want to experiment with different hair styles and makeup looks regardless of your age if it makes you feel good about yourself then by all means do it. We have allowed society to dictate what we should be doing in life based on our age which is a bunch of cow poop! Stop putting borders on your life by thinking once you reach a certain age you aren’t allowed to do certain things. That is so not true. Forget about what others may think about your decisions, you only live once so live your life and if there is something you want to do that makes you happy then do it regardless of your age.
  9. Measuring worth News flash! Your Instagram following should not be a way for you to measure your worth. And don’t think because you have long silky hair, white chiclet teeth, or have the body mass of a toothpick determines your worth. You are worth so much more because you are a caring person, a kind person, a good person, a loving person, you have great ideas, you’re outspoken, your smart and you’re pretty in so many different ways. Now, if your looks and your Instagram following are what turns you on, that is fine, if it makes you feel better about yourself but don’t think that those superficial things are your worth as a person because it isn’t.
  10. Live your own life – This is the final number and it is something you should allow and do in your life. And that is to live your own life. Do those things that make you happy. Take risks and enjoy your life. Don’t just exist, live. Be kind, be respectful and let’s stop judging each other because we all are battling with something in our life and we never know what someone is going through. Only put out good vibes and good vibes will come back to you.






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