Making Stress Your Friend

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It comes as no surprise that stress is just a fact of life. If we want to have success, it’s inevitable that challenges will occur along the way. Yet, stress is likely to be something you think of negatively, it doesn’t have to be. Actually, stress can be a good thing. Think of a time you were given an assignment at work or a timeline on something you know you need to deal with, but maybe you felt you weren’t equipped to get done what needed to be done. So, you began to stress about the situation, then out of nowhere you calmed yourself down took the time and dealt with the problem head on and the outcome was a success. Which only proves that essentially, you have to learn how to make stress your friend.

Below are a few ways you can make stress your friend:

  1. Accept the stress

More often than not we like to think we are on top of things. We want to be able to handle everything thrown our way with no trouble. The result? Not being able to admit when we are stressed. Once you realize that stress doesn’t make you weak, it only makes you human you feel a great sense of release.

  1. Take your time

Stress is great for helping you reach achievements. But, being overly stressed occurs when there is too much pressure to reach goals. You have to come to terms with the fact that slow and steady will get you much further. Take your time and don’t try to tackle too much at once and the stress you feel will be a good thing. If you’re feeling stressed, why not plan and organize your time and give yourself plenty of time to do all your tasks.

  1. Learn from everything

Times of stress are a great lesson. Take every challenge as an opportunity to grow. Being stressed will make you much more head-strong for the next challenge that you have to face. Plus, it will force you to appreciate your down time (something most of us struggle with from time to time!).

  1. Ask for a hand

For stress to not get out of hand, you must be able to ask for help. Knowing when the stress you feel is something you can handle or when it has gone too far is essential. If you recognize that things are getting on top of you, ask for help. Turn to friends, family, a co-worker. Anyone that cares about you and are willing to help as well as, are willing to listen. That way, you will have just the right dose of stress without it being too overwhelming.

  1. Look for the positives

This one is very important, because sometimes when we are stressed we adopt a negative mindset. I am sure many of us can relate to this. We focus on the little things as though they are huge. Gaining perspective will help overcome this and turn stress into a good thing. Be grateful that you are busy, gaining achievements and progressing in life. That way, you will learn to appreciate that stress can be a good thing.



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