love yourself1

I find human beings to be very interesting. And I love helping others, but I must be honest and say that I am amazed at how fragile some human beings can be. I mean it seems that people are always looking for others to validate their worth and acknowledge them in some form. When are we going to learn that our happiness, how we feel about ourselves, life dreams and goals are our own responsibility to make come to fruitions, not anyone else’s? We see it all the time. If we gain a few pounds, we beat ourselves up. If we feel we have not moved along in our careers, we constantly think we are not good enough or haven’t done our best. If we say something silly, we ponder over it for days wondering what others thought. We are constantly feeding our minds with negative messages, but when are we going to start feeding our minds with positive messages.

We all need to have self-love in order to survive in this life. When we love ourselves we are comfortable with whom we are, we can forgive ourselves and we can accept ourselves. Granted we may not get praised much in life, which is why it is important that we do it ourselves. We must learn to pat ourselves on the back more so that we can make it a habit of focusing more on the positive feelings. If we are not able to be happy in our home that is within us, there is nowhere else for us to go!

Why not start each day meditating on all the positive things about you. We all have great attributes, so dig down deep within and allow yourself to embrace and most importantly BELIEVE all your greatness. Validate your own self-worth and show yourself some love, then you will find you no longer need others approval just your own.  





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