Ten Tips On How To Start Wearing Vintage

vintage wear

So many people have repeatedly mentioned to me that they would like to wear vintage but do not know where to start. I feel like I owe it to these ladies and my readers to share some tips based on my own experience. I decided to make it short and simple so I don’t bore you but feel free to leave some comments and ask questions. Norafinds.com

  1. Get inspired

Whether they are old photographs, vintage blogs, pinterest or instagram – there are so many beautiful images out there showing lovely ladies (both then and now) wearing vintage. 

Queens of Vintage – a lovely website where you can read some tutorials and interesting posts, and you can certainly get inspiration from the vintage queens and kings!

  1. Start small

Your favorite vintage ladies (yes, this includes Dita) didn’t start by wearing vintage head-to-toe. Whether it is a vintage hat or a vintage dress, they all started with one special piece. Wearing vintage should be natural and not feel like you are wearing a costume.

  1. Find/create an occasion to wear vintage

Some occasions dictate you to dress up or wear special pieces. It might be a wedding or a gala that requires you to go shopping, so think of it as an opportunity to wear vintage. You might want to buy a unique fascinator or a lovely brooch to secure your pashmina. It is a great way to adopt a different look, and you can be sure you won’t bump into someone else wearing the same pieces.

  1. Stay true to yourself

Whatever fashion style you have (modern or vintage, sporty or feminine), it is most important to be true to yourself. This is something that I took years to learn – I used to wear clothes to follow trends and they often do not suit me or make me feel comfortable. As your style evolves to become more vintage, you will find that some styles and decades suit you more than others. There isn’t any need to force yourself to wear something you don’t feel comfortable in. You will also learn more about your own body shape by trying on different decades. 

  1. Research

Research is an important aspect of wearing vintage. You want to learn to identify vintage clothing quickly (especially when you’re thrifting or going through eBay), to quickly figure out whether they are appropriately priced/designer pieces, and whether you should adopt them into your wardrobe. You want to learn about the construction of vintage pieces, how to clean and store them, and have an idea of age and price. 

  1. Learn from the experts

Your research can be overwhelming and filled with contradicting information. So who should you trust? Well – the experts. Whether it is from forums, blogs, or vintage sellers – you can learn a lot by just chatting with them and following discussions. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask. These are people who have been wearing, collecting, or selling vintage for many many years. It is always handy to learn from other people’s positive and negative experiences too.

Vintage Fashion Guild  – The best resource website when you start getting serious about your vintage collecting. It has a great forum where you can ask questions and learn about collecting, restoring, and selling. The most handy bit? You can learn about different labels and designers and learn about the history.

  1. Visit vintage events and shops

The best way to learn about how to wear vintage is to be surrounded by vintage lovers and beautiful clothes. Visiting vintage events might be a bit intimidating at first, but you will soon realise there are so many different styles and levels of vintageness. Vintage shops are also great – they often stock a great variety and if you chat to the shopkeepers or owners you will get the best advices and ideas on how to wear a piece and how it suits you.

  1. Realize that it is a process

Do not feel like you have to replace your whole wardrobe with vintage. Do not feel like you have to start wearing vintage lingerie or get matching  hats to all your vintage. Just like everything, wearing vintage is a process. Give yourself time to learn about your style, to make mistakes, and to not go bankrupt in the process. 

  1. (Controversial Statement): It is just clothes

There are often stereotypes attached to people who wear vintage. But remember, just because you want to start wearing vintage doesn’t mean that you need to learn how to swing dance, buy a vintage car, or give up your office job and become a pin up model. I am a firm believer that you need to find your own comfort zone. I love my vintage but don’t always hang out with vintage-wearing folks or feel like I need to give up my science job to open a vintage shop. It can just be a fashion style, it doesn’t have to be a lifestyle if you don’t want it to be.

I want you to also remember that it is okay to make mistakes or regret your outfit choices. It is a learning process and hey – we all have outfits we regret wearing. I still have moments when I caught my reflection and thought that my shoes don’t actually match my dress. It’s not a big deal.

  1. Prepare yourself for comments/compliments/attention

Oh yes, this will happen. You will receive comments like “Are you going to the races?” or “Aren’t you too dressed up?” – comments that might make you doubt what you’re wearing or feel out of place. I say hold your head up high and say “Oh no, this is what I wear all the time” and just remember that it is not wrong to be fabulous. Another stranger will also tell you your dress is beautiful, your hat is amazing, or they simply love your style. And remember, it is because you DO look amazing 🙂 Take the compliment and don’t forget to thank them. Attention can be intimidating but if you are comfortable in what you wear you will soon get used to it.




  1. These are some very great tips! Especially being inspired and staying true to ones self. Otherwise, how can we love what we are wearing 😊

    • Thank you! You are only speaking the truth. 🙂

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