89 Year Old Fashionista

Glamorous Eccentric: Iris Apfel


A self described, “geriatric starlet’ at age 89 Iris Apfel is having her moment in the fashion spotlight. After her wardrobe was featured at the Met, Iris and her style became the muse de jour for fashionistas everywhere!

Iris worked for years as an interior designer, as well as owning one of the most prestigious fabric mills which reproduces historical fabric. Her fabric can be seen in many historical homes including the White House- she says she has worked with the past 9 presidents!

Iris 2

Iris 6

Due to her many travels over the years, Iris amassed an extensive collection (though she insist they are just her clothing), of couture, mainstream, and ethnic clothes and jewelry.

“My mother worshiped at the alter of accessory, and I got the bug”

Iris 3               Iris 5

As you can see, Iris ascribes to the ‘more is more’ aesthetic. This isn’t my personal style, but I appreciate it in others. I see her as being the ‘Carrie’ and I am more like the ‘Charlotte’. What I really admire about Iris is the fact she seems to  have been born without the little voice inside that makes you care what other people think. Iris says she was always a style maven and wore what made her feel good- not what was necessarily popular or de la mode. As someone who was only recently able to let myself dress how I always dreamed of dressing, I value Iris’s total self-esteem and completeness of being who she really is.

Iris 4

What makes Iris so endearing is her sense of humor. Of course with those crazy oversized Harry Potter glasses, there was no way she could take herself too seriously. For example, many people who saw the Met exhibit thought she had passed on. Her nephew often took people to the exhibition and she told him if he heard anyone say she had died to tell them, ” ‘No, she’s very much alive and just walking around to save funeral expenses”.

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  1. How fabulous to have the strong sense of self to just dress in the way that makes you feel good. I still struggle with what clothing style makes me feel most “me” but I’m working on it! 😄 I loved this post!

    • Thank you, for your comment! I love vintage wear. I don’t wear full vintage, but I do like to mix and match. You are not the only one with those struggles, I think we all have those struggles. I am sure you will figure it out. 🙂

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