Qualities Women Want In A Man That Men Overlook


Most of us have some idea what most women look for in a man what most women look for in a man — financial stability, status (not all women find this to be necessary), base-level hygiene, not being a complete jerk, etc. But there are plenty of men who have (or think they have) all of those things but are still woefully single. If you’ve got the lifestyle, the looks and some form of a personality, why aren’t the women flocking?

Answer: It’s the little things. If you’re wondering why you’re still single despite your best efforts, chances are it’s because you’re missing one of these subtle, yet easy to improve qualities that women find incredibly sexy.

Earning Your Keep

Unless you had a very unusual childhood or had strange living circumstances, chances are you managed to clothe yourself, cleanup after yourself, kept a roof over your head and your place from being condemned. Why would that change as soon as you get a significant other?

Know When to Fold ‘Em

The Mr. Jack Of All Trades doesn’t exist. It is ok if you don’t know how to rebuild an engine, add a new roof to the house, or cook a gourmet meal. What’s not ok is pretending that you do know, and ruining things with your ego.

Does This Need To Be Said?

Be kind. A lot of guys, when they’re in their teens and 20s looking to pull the ladies, will confuse confidence with being what most call a “bad boy”.  Most women are into “bad boys” because of the excitement and confidence they seem to project, but what we really want is a man that is kind, yet is also able to protect us as well as his self in sticky situations.

There’s A Reason She’s Dating You

Most men are very bad at tapping into their emotions. Many men in their earlier years were discouraged to express their feelings. But we want to know when something is bothering you or you are hurting. It is very irritating when we know something is bothering you and we ask you what’s wrong and you say “nothing”. Imagine if when you ask us that same question we gave that same answer all the time.

Don’t Make Her Leave Her Life Behind

Look, being in a relationship is hard; you’re not only taking two people with often different interests and asking them to share a life, and their bodies. But, just like we should not expect you to give up Monday night football, taking your mama to the store or Sunday golf matches, It would be totally unfair to expect someone to give up their interests so you can indulge yours. Besides, your lady might be into stuff you’d enjoy, too.

Pump Your Brakes, Casanova

Yes, sex is great, and yes, women like sex and not all of them have puritanical outlooks on it. But just because you can have something doesn’t mean you should.  Holding off on having sex makes you look stronger, not weaker. No one’s asking you to wait until your 1st wedding anniversary, either — but waiting a few dates not only makes the sex that much better, but it gives you time to evaluate whether you’re getting involved with a potentially nightmarish clinger you might have wound up with if you went for the easy lay.

Complacency Kills

The world we live in has a lot to offer, much more than any of us can experience in a lifetime. That doesn’t mean you should just give up and accept a life of routine just because it’s comfortable. However, you don’t have to be a genius or even someone who’s always traveling the globe. But, your lady’s a lot less likely to run off with some drummer dude when you, a successful guy with a stable income, also happen to be learning the drums on the side.

Explore new things; try something different, you may find a new interest which you both will enjoy, that is always exciting to us girls.







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