Girl Power…Really?


When I hear women shouting “Girl Power” then in a moment’s notice I see them tearing each other down, I just think what a bunch of crap! They have tons of reality shows showing grown women, some with husbands and children, in one moment pretending to all get along with one another, then BOOM! in an instant they’re disliking and physcially fighting each other. And to make matters worse they have shows for the younger females like “Pretty Little Liars” that depict these same behaviors. Are you kidding me!

Why is it so hard for some women to be well within themselves? If another woman makes you feel threatened, envious, or jealous then you need to work on yourself. I get so sick of those women who “hee-hee” and “hahaha” in your face, yet all the while are talking about you the minute your back is turned. I don’t understand why women are so mean toward one another, and usually for no reason at all. You don’t even have to have done anything or said anything to some women for them to be just plain catty. It is like being in high school all over again. Don’t these women realize that when they act this way they are only showing their own insecurities? 

I’ve seen women try to sabotage other women, lie on or about other women; they try bullying other women, or if you happen to share a true experience with them, they turn it into you being negative or that you are gossiping, and instead of working as a team they are always trying to up one on another woman.  And what is really sad about this childish behavior is that they seem to always drag some other insecure woman or women who believe they are “friends” into the mess as well because they are too weak to go it alone. Why do women seem to always be in some form of competition with one another? What happened? Did someone in your life tell you that you were worthless or unacceptable? What happened to you to make you so insecure with who you are? I see women admiring another woman, but would rather die than compliment her. And the constant competing against one another is off the chain, if not in the workplace it is elsewhere for other forms of attention.

When will it all STOP?! There are so many more things going on around us that you can put all that bitter energy into such as young girls and boys being sold into sex trafficking, parents losing their children from gunshots, suicide, heroin overdoses, reckless driving, and domestic violence, the list goes on. It doesn’t matter what your nationality, or what side of the tracks you came from, just being a woman makes us all have something in common. A lot of us have been through some very similar situations and are still struggling to get treated with respect and acceptance, so why be so damn hard on one another. We are all smart, beautiful, capable, resourceful and just plain awesome in our own unique way. When are we going to believe it?  Once we all realize this, life could be a much happier and easier experience for us all. 

Start by having confidence in yourself, knowing your worth, your abilities and what you bring to the table. Why not appreciate each other’s differences including your own instead of rejecting them. If somewhere along the way in life someone has told you lies about whom and what you are and has made you feel less than you are, then just like bad gossip, you need to stop believing everything you hear and start believing in yourself. No one can make you feel good about yourself more than you can. And no one can make you feel inferior without you allowing them to do so. If there are things you don’t like about yourself then you work on changing whatever that is or else deal with it. But, don’t hate on or dislike another woman because she seems to have whatever you are lacking. Instead, try doing something to empower yourself then help empower others, now that’s real “Girl Power!” 



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    • Thank you, for the reblog! I truly appreciate it! 🙂 We women need to be more supportive and kinder toward one another.

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