What A Blessing!

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Is it possible you went to bed last night thinking about the overdue bills, the lack of finances, the problematic people and situations you’re facing. This morning you woke up. Did you give thanks? Maybe your back is out, your leg or arm is broken, your head is stopped up, or your eyes are swollen. So you are in pain, in fear, in an uncomfortable state, but did you give thanks? You may be alone, heartbroken, confused, or disappointed, but the issue still remains, did you give thanks?

Let’s put it this way: you can think, you can feel, you are alive. You’ve got a brain, a life, an idea. All of this means that someway, someday, you can do better. So…did you give thanks? If you didn’t it must be that you forgot that when the praise goes up, the blessings come down. That should be enough to inspire you to be thankful.



  1. Now that I’m aging I give thanks every morning that I can get out of bed, do my own shower, have fun with my dogs and play the ukulele. Possibly, some of us don’t realize how lucky we are until older (like me) but I believe in what you say and hopefully others will think about it too!

    • What you said is true. Most of us don’t realize how lucky or blessed we are until we get older. I am sure there are others that do think about all they have to be thankful for and are grateful. I personally think that as long as you are acknowledging your gratefulness to yourself and the one that matters (who for me would be Jesus Christ) that is all that matters. I know that I am not making all things happen for myself by myself. I believe there is someone much higher and powerful than I. 🙂 I am glad to hear you are able to play with your dogs and play the ukulele. I am impressed with the fact you play such an interesting instrument. I also believe we are as young and old as we feel. 🙂 Have a blessed week!

      • Ah, thanks Cheryl, you too!

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