4 Steps You Can Take To Become More Confident In Yourself

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How do you become comfortable in your own skin? We all have insecurities, which is the reasons we cover up on the beach, the reason we choose certain clothes over others. We’re always talking about it, it’s just something we deal with day-to-day. But if you want to be a confident person, this has got to change! We all deserve to feel beautiful, handsome, smart and confident, even when this can seem impossible. Here are some ways to help you stop fearing yourself, and start feelin’ yo’self.

  1. Write down your fears

Hiding from what scares us can only make our fears stronger. Don’t let them control your life! Instead, write down what makes you feel self-conscious, so you can face them, learn how to say goodbye to these fears! We’re all human and have days where we don’t feel confident, so start with your insecurities and then list ways they’re actually not that bad. Just think about, if your best friend approached you with a list of things they hated  about themselves, what would you say? Say that to yourself!

  1. Surround yourself with positive, confident people

Confidence and happiness are contagious. Being around those who love themselves for who they are, make YOU see the wonderfulness in yourself. Be around people who want to build you up, not bring you down. This positive energy will build your confidence and make you feel happier in your own skin, and also help you build the confidence of others who have self-doubts.

  1. Know what makes you happy, and do it!

Knowing what makes you feel good and DOING that is key to making you comfortable in your own skin. Surrounding yourself around positive things is very important for a fulfilling life and self-confidence. Whether it’s fitness exercises, cooking, or just cuddling up in bed with your favorite TV show, find what makes you feel confident and happy, and do it!

  1. Don’t be afraid to be honest

Being honest with others, but most importantly being honest with yourself is key to a happy, and confident life. If you’re feeling low and uncomfortable in your own skin, don’t try and put on a brave face. Accepting how you feel is the first step to moving forward into a confident, successful life. Be open with what you are afraid of, and soon you’ll find that these fears will disappear as you learn more about yourself when confronting them.

Becoming comfortable in your own skin is something no on has mastered, as we learn more about ourselves every day and continue to grow and change. Having feelings of self-doubt is normal, but don’t let these fears control your life! Remember that happiness comes from confidence and loving you for who you are is something all of us deserve!







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