lucky whitehead

Spreading rumors can ruin a person’s life, reputation, character and spirit. The recent incident with former NFL Dallas Cowboy player, “Lucky Whitehead” is an excellent example of just that. I for one should know better than to trust anything that I hear from the media. Since, I believe there hasn’t been a journalist since Walter Cronkite (that I know of), that has reported the news with truth, integrity and facts, and with my belief in that, I should have known better.

The other day after hearing from one of the local news channels the story about “Lucky Whitehead “ being accused of shoplifting from Walmart, I shared that information with a co-worker as I stated “With all the money a NFL football player makes, why would they shoplift?”  Then I went on to say “How crazy is that?!”  What was crazy, was I got caught up in the media frenzy that takes tons of information and runs with it without  getting  all the facts only to have to rebuttal later on, and I automatically believed what my local News Anchor had stated to the world without hardcore facts of what really happened.

It appears that some guy that had shoplifted from a Walmart in Virginia back in June, and who had no identification on him when arrested had given the NFL players, name, address and yes, his social security number (we live in the world of the internet). He was released on a promise to appear and never showed up for his court date, which caused the real “Lucky Whitehead” who by the way was in another state at the time of the theft, to be arrested and then fired from the Dallas Cowboys. And to top things off Lucky’s dog was then kidnapped and held for ransom by some rapper who eventually gave him back his dog. I guess one can say Lucky was not feeling too lucky this past week.

I bring this subject up because like me, many of us believe things we hear about other people, especially when it comes from someone we think is a trustworthy source, which in my case was my 6:00 news anchor. We can be so quick to believe something someone tells us without getting the facts. The facts of what really happened, the facts of what may have led up to that person being accused of either a behavior or something that was said. Usually, when someone is spreading rumors about another person, it is done out of either jealously, dislike, insecurities, or just them being mean spirited. I write this post to hopefully help us all including myself to be more mindful of what people throw our way when it comes to another human being, and before we jump to grand conclusions about a person to get to know the person or even (if you have the guts to do so) ask the person themselves what really happened. Nothing is better than getting it straight from the horse’s mouth. We all know eventually the truth does come to the light and if you know who you truly are you will have no problem brushing those nasty rumors off your shoulders.



  1. What you say is very important, Cheryl. I always ask if the person the rumor is about is someone I know. I have been the subject of rumors, also, and just wish people would ASK me if they are true. The nice thing for famous people is that we can look up to see if rumors are true or urban legends. That website has clarified a lot for me over the years.

    • Thank you, for your comment! I think many of us have been privy to a rumor 🙂

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