Being Full Of Yourself


When you secretly feel inadequate or believe that who you are is not enough for the world, you will do more and give more than is required in order to experience fulfillment. Keep going that route if you like, but it never works. You must enter every experience in life with a sense of fullness!

Fullness means that when you walk into any situation, you know that you have what it takes to make a valuable contribution to the experience. In no way does this mean you must act like you know everything or that you can do everything.  What it means is that you are full of yourself, within yourself, in a very loving and positive way.

Having a sense of fullness gives you the advantage of knowing that you have nothing to prove. You also know that there is nothing that anyone has or can do that you cannot have or do. You are not afraid to make a mistake. You are not shy about telling the truth. You can establish and maintain clear boundaries and you honor the boundaries others have set for themselves. When you are not full, you have no boundaries. You step over other people. And you allow them to step on you.

Fullness allows you to feel full of God’s love for you. If at any time you are full of feelings of inadequacy, accept one of the many invitations of fullness. If you feel it is not working for you, don’t give up! Fake it until you make it!

You may have been in denial, resisted or ignored the feelings of inadequacy that have motivated you to give more and do more than required in various situations.  How about you start, even if just for today, to feel full of yourself! Trust that just as you are, YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH.


  1. Very inspiring!! After reading this, I feel good about myself.

    • Hi, Kally – I am glad this post inspired you, and you should always feel good about yourself. 🙂 You give get information and encouragement to others as well.

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