Lina Ford is a very outgoing woman, one who loves a good time. Lina works as an event planner and a very good one at that. She’s good at getting great bargains and saving her clients tons of money for their events. Lina is very approachable and always have a giant smile to give to anyone that comes within her path. Yet, Lina also has a boat load of drama in her personal life, and for some reason she feels the need to share all her troubles with anyone with a set of ears. She does this so much that after while people stop asking her how she is doing, because they know they will get an ear full of Lina’s latest troubles.

Sometimes you can get so caught up in being miserable that you will not see your blessings when they come!  You can become so addicted to having crisis in your life that the minute one crisis is resolved you are on the lookout for the next one! It is very easy to miss the delightful moments of peace or joy when you are preoccupied with all of the possible tragedies that could fall upon you. It is very possible that you have many of the bad situations you have in your life because you pay so much attention to them, they feel welcomed. It is possible to believe that if you stopped paying so much attention to the bad things, they would feel neglected and go away! If you don’t believe it, try it to see if it works.

When a bad situation gets no attention, it becomes a better situation!


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