13 Things That Are Cheaper To Buy In The Fall

patio furniture

Every season has its unique treasure trove of bargains to be found, and fall is no exception. Even if “reuse” and “re-purpose” is your M.O., you know that when it comes to certain items, you have to buy new. But paying retail doesn’t mean you have to empty your wallet, either. It’s knowing when to shop to get the best deals.

If you need to purchase any of these 13 items, fall is the best season to shop around.

1. Porch and Patio Furniture

2. Barbecue Grills

3. Bicycles

4. Lawn Mowers

5. Houses

6. New Cars

7. Airline Tickets and Vacation Packages

8. Wine

9. Candy

10. Wedding Dresses

11. Household Appliances

12. Plants

13. Sunglasses 


  1. Wow! quite a list, I’m just getting started with Halloween…

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