Is Your Plate Overflowing?


Hey there, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving especially because I get to share my gratitude for the year. Do I dare leave out all the wonderful smells of the various types of foods being prepared? I think not. The Turkey, stuffing, sweet potato pie, cranberry sauce, veggies and tons of great deserts. Yet, I always end up with my eyes being bigger than my belly. Do you tend to pile all the different foods onto your plate? Do you then go back for seconds and maybe thirds? Only to come to the realization that you have eaten way too much as you plop yourself down on the sofa or lay across your bed. Yes, even those of you that consider yourself to be health conscious and take walks after dinner, probably go back to the house to unbutton your pants and have several seats.

If you think about it that is the same way we are with our lives. We are so eager to fill our calendars, try new things, and possibly take on tons of new projects that it’s not until months later we realize we have too much on our plates. When we allow that to happen it can wear us down, burn us out and we can even become upset with ourselves for taking on too many things. Or maybe you’re the one that everyone at work and home goes to because you are so good-hearted and can never say no.

Over the next month, I am sure your schedule will be crazy between work, your outside activities, holiday parties and events and let’s not forget shopping for Christmas gifts. I hope you are mindful and careful to not over load your plate. Instead take some time to relax, and enjoy the holiday season and maybe even pamper yourself a little bit. Just be sure to leave yourself some wiggle room by not over loading your plate.





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