4 Motivational Videos That Will Put You In A Positive Mood

Don’t believe what others think of you

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t and don’t let anyone else stop you from going after your goals. Don’t believe other people’s limitations on you. That’s just their opinion. They don’t know you and they don’t know how hard you will work. Albert Einstein’s teacher told him he wouldn’t go far in life. What if he believed that? This inspirational speech by Taraji P Henson will remind you that you can accomplish anything, no matter what stands in your way.

Bouncing back

We all love J.K and we love her even more after this inspirational message! Before she was successful she wrote Harry Potter in Starbucks, and although people consider her an overnight success, she did not start out that way. She failed, again and again. She failed to be published, she failed to write the book that was in her head. Her marriage failed. She only got to where she is today on the back of all those failures. If you’re worried about failing, you might as well stop trying. Listen to this speech and be inspired.

Feel empowered

Remember this speech? It was trending at the time because it made us all feel empowered and fierce. A proud feminist, Emma really works to empower and uplift women to go after what they deserve. Not only does she fight for women’s rights, she fights to have equality across the board. For men to be able to express their sensitive side, for women to earn as much as men and for a fairer world. This speech will move you and empower you to be all that you want to be and not to let anything stop you!

 Don’t miss out

A career isn’t about climbing a ladder and following a well-structured path, instead, it’s about finding and seeking out opportunities and taking them. It’s not about chasing promotions and working for a bigger title, it’s about making an impact where you can and do something really special! Let Sheryl Sandberg inspire you to go after what you really want, even if the path you’re taking isn’t a traditional one.


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