10 Love Hacks to Give Your Relationship/Marriage Some Much-Needed TLC


Think of these as tune-ups for your most important relationship.

It’s not always easy to be happy as they seem, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

If you’re a busy working mom married to a busy working dad (or mom), it’s a sad fact that your relationship tends to take a backseat to, well, everything. The kids, your careers, your friends. Too often we take our spouses for granted.

Not to mention, relationships are just plain hard. Just like home renovation, repairing underlying structural problems requires long hours and major work. You can also give your relationship a little TLC with minor touch-ups—a quick coat of paint, if you will. The love hacks below are just that: simple and easy ways to improve your bond and give your marriage/relationship the love it needs to go the distance.

  1. Listen up—and respond

The next time your spouse asks you to tune in to his favorite new song, grab an earbud and join in the fun.

Sounds simple, right? But it’s actually a lot harder—and more necessary—than it seems. Remember the last time your partner went off on a long tangent about the latest gaming system? Did you say, “Uh-huh, babe,” and then continue shopping on Amazon? You’ve got to give a little to get a lot.

  1. Get more sleep

It’s not just good for your physical health—it helps heal your marriage/relationship too.

  1. Hold hands

Even when it’s hard.

Sure, it seems obvious that affection is good for a marriage/relationship, but this one’s important to do even when you’re not feeling it. In other words, the intent didn’t matter—just the touch.

  1. Put away your phone

 We know too much screen time can be detrimental for kids, so it makes sense that too much tech time takes away from our marriage/relationships too.

  1. Imagine your fight is being moderated by an outside observer

Picture what a therapist would say if she were listening in on your fight.

  1. Jump to good conclusions

Spouse running late? Don’t get angry before you get the full story.

Did your partner forget to pick up milk on the way home? Or neglect to answer your third text message? Unhappy couples attribute the error to a permanent flaw in their partner’s character (i.e. “He’s so forgetful”) while happy couples tend to chalk it up to circumstances (“He’s been so busy at work lately”). A little generous thinking goes a long way.

  1. Keep a gratitude journal

Because writing it down is the best way to remember.

Once a week, make a list of all the ways your partner has made a solid contribution to your marriage/relationship, and check it twice. Those who praise their partners feel more significantly more committed, and more grateful for their spouse.

  1. Rejoice in your partner’s wins, big or small

A simple, “Good job, sweetie” goes a long way.

The next time your spouse brags about the work presentation he totally nailed, give him a huge high-five and sincere praise. Wouldn’t you like praise when you have tackled difficult tasks or accomplished one of your goals?

  1. Schedule sex

Let the good times roll.

Penciling in intimacy sounds to me as sexy as scheduling a dentist appointment, but if you are challenged to make time to make love, then desperate times call for desperate measures. Simply put, intimacy is important in terms of overall satisfaction. So just do it!

  1. Make date night a priority

Keep the spark alive.

We get it. Good babysitters are expensive and so are tickets to the movies nowadays. But getting out of the house and having fun together is crucial for the health of your marriage and relationship. So go forth and frolic (at least once a month), moms!


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