7 Simple Ways to Offer Comfort Everyday


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

How can we offer the gifts of comfort and compassion to ourselves, our family, friends, and communities, as well as to the world around us? We do it in simple practical ways. We share what we have to give. We offer a kind word, a smile, a hug, a caring heart, an expression of gratitude, and an open ear. We can share comfort in very immediate ways—when we stop and listen to another person, read a book with a child, take a moment to call an elderly parent, laugh with a friend, take time to pray for someone, or donate time and resources to help those in need. Simple actions. Deep resonance. Makes Wide ripples.

In our need for comfort, we find solidarity with one another. It only takes our mindful attention to connect to the power of comfort in our daily lives, and to allow compassion to be a healing presence in our world. In this way, we touch the depth in our human experience, and we realize we are not alone. We are all messengers of comfort, called to bring comfort and compassion into the world. Below are seven ways we can cultivate comfort everyday.

Slow down and be more present.
Today when you ask someone, “How are you?” take the time to be present. Listen to another person without any pressure to give advice or solve a problem, unless asked. Sometimes all another person needs is the comfort of being listened to.

Encourage someone to take a comfort break with you.
Together, take time to enjoy a walk, see an art show, pray or meditate, watch a funny movie, listen to music, or put your feet up and do nothing!

Find simple ways to create more comfort in your home.
A comfortable home benefits everyone who lives there and everyone who visits. Put fresh flowers around, cook your favorite meal, clear out a closet, and take time to say thank you to the people you live with.

Imagine a thread connecting every human being.
Connecting yourself to the web of life can provide comfort. We are not in each other’s way, but we are the way for each other. We are the sources of comfort for one another.

Give something of yours to comfort someone in need.
It could be a book, a picture, a figurine, a rosary, or a soft sweater. Offer this gift as a sign of support and caring.

Let your daily routines be a continual source of comfort.
Savor and relish the rituals in your day. Enjoy the pleasure and comfort you receive from your first sip of tea or coffee in morning, from reading an inspirational book, from a regular prayer or contemplative practice, or from giving a hug to a loved one.

Send a card, text, or email to comfort someone.
Remember a special occasion, acknowledge an accomplishment, express gratitude, or offer support during a difficult time or transition. If you need help with this Gratefulness.org has a warm and comforting selection of eCards to share.  


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