Today, Just Take Care of Yourself!


It seems that now days we are living under more stress than ever. Not only are there the everyday life struggles we have to deal with, but there’s a lot of confusion, tragic and painful events going on all around us and to many of us. These things will come and go. All of these events cause shifts in our minds and upheavals in our hearts for which we need some solitude and time to grieve, heal, understand, and accept. It is a process of taking care of one’s self. While the brain is clearing, the heart is mending, the body healing, it may mean taking a break from the regular routine, and moving away form the routine people. Give yourself permission to do whatever is necessary to take care of you. You have a right to grieve, to be angry, to cry. You deserve a new shirt or dress, a new pair of shoes, or a new haircut. You do not have to answer the telephone or the door. You are under no obligation to show up unless you want to. If you want to stay under the covers, or sit naked in the middle of the floor and eat cake, go right ahead and do it. Never be so responsible for the world that you forget to be responsible to yourself. So, go take a walk. Have a good cry. Break a glass. Write a letter. Pull your dress or shirt over your head! Go ahead and without harming yourself or others do whatever it takes to help you feel better.

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