I Am Who I Am.

self love4

As I watch and listen to people I realize how easy it is for people to get caught up in being who others want them to be. It’s even easier to convince yourself that who you are is not enough. Yet, if we aren’t careful and conscious, we can spend a good part of our life acting out roles and expectations rather than being who we really are. “Who am I?” is the question we should ask ourselves daily. We must know that we are not our names, our jobs or level of education. You are not who your mother, father, sister, brother, husband, children or friends say you are. You are not your dress size, hair length, hair texture, the number of credit cards you have. When you know who you are no one regardless of their status in society, at the office or in your tribe can make you feel less than who you are. Who am I? For some of us is a frightening question. There are many people walking around daily pretending to be something they are not and for whatever reason, because they are so bent on acting out the role and expectations others have set upon them they continue to play the part instead of being true to themselves. We hear every day “Just be yourself” yet so many of us are afraid to be who we really are in fear of no longer being accepted or looked down upon. Every one of us is created and born for a certain purpose to fulfill in life and to be allowed to enjoy our lives being who we are. We are not to allow anyone or ourselves for that matter to belittle our existence. To know “who I am” means I have no excuses to be anything else for anyone else other than the person who God has designed me to be. Just as you,  I am who I am.

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