Monday’s Mindset


lighting jonathan Bowers

Photo by: Jonathan Bowers/

We all have those times when we are in a lousy mood.  The other day, I had someone tell me that a person they were assisting was being very short with them. I told them to just ignore it.  On my commute home, I started thinking about what that person said and what I said to them. Then I realized that not everyone handles things the same as I do and that maybe I should have been a little more sensitive to their feelings than just telling them to “ignore it”.  I am the queen of ignoring people, especially when they are in a bad mood. I guess that is my way of not taking things personally. Because if I know I am not the cause of their feelings, why should I allow their feelings to reflect upon me? I also do not push my mood on others. If I am in a bad mood I keep to myself. And in saying this, we are all aware that life, work, and social obligations can sometimes cause our feathers to ruffle, yet it does not give us a pass to place our foul mood upon those innocent unsuspecting people, such as our children, spouses, lovers, friends, parents or co-workers. We have no right to vent our moods onto them. Yes, it is easy to tell someone to not take it personally, when they are probably feeling attacked for no reason, but we also need to learn to just brush things off and let it go. Especially, when we know we are not the cause of their issue.

There are several options we can take when we feel a mood coming on: Stay home and scream into a pillow if need be, stay clear of folks, or go for a nice walk and get some fresh air and new surrounding to clear your head. Find out what works for you that way you will never have anything to apologize for later.

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